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Mirik Snir was born in 1948, during the Israeli War of Independence. She was raised and educated in Kibbutz Kfar Giladi, as one of twelve siblings. She married Israel Snir from Kibbutz Neve-Eitan, where they lived for 20 years. Mirik is a mother of nine children, a grandmother of fifteen grandchildren, Author, Poet, and elementary school and special education teacher.

Literary Accomplishments

Mirik Snir published her first book in 1982. Since then, she has published more than 80 books, all of which are still in print and in demand, having received distinguished reviews. Her works include the series, My Little Library (24 books), and I have a Song (10 booklets).

Acquiring Language and Reading Skills

Her books expose young children to literature and poetry, while introducing them to a rich language from infancy. Mirik’s books enable children to attempt independent reading at a very young age. They are highly suitable for people learning Hebrew as a second language in Israel and abroad, as well as in special education. Readers, who acquire Hebrew reading and writing skills through her books, find that they not only gain an understanding of written Hebrew, but also a love of the language. Mirik’s books can be found in many Israeli homes, schools, daycare centers and kindergartens, in public education and also in special education facilities. Her books are suitable for language skill acquisition, and are compatible with all methods and approaches.

Literary Translations

In recent years, Mirik Snir has translated several of the forgotten Yiddish stories-poems of Kadia Molodovsky. These include “The Cake of Wonder”, “Hannah Wants Mazipan”, and “The Letter”, a series of Molodovsky’s stories whose translation was initiated by Mirik Snir, and have all been published. Moreover, Mirik has translated additional children’s literature from across the globe, including translations of Palestinian children’s books. Four of Mirik Snir’s books have been translated to Arabic and she has an ongoing relationship with educators in the Arab sector.

Biblical Stories

Mirik dedicates much of her time to bringing children closer to biblical stories and the language of the bible. Recently, she has been promoting and organizing an extensive literary project in this area.


Mirik Snir strongly believes in cultivating cooperation between the writer and the illustrator and invests a lot of energy in this area. Four of her children and one grandchild have taken part in illustrating her books. Nohar Snir, one of her sons, who is disabled from a head injury as a result of a car accident, is a promising poet, and has published two books.

Educational Insight

Mirik Snir lectures on various subjects related to education and regards it as her mission to voice children’s issues to parents, teachers and educators. Her experiential lectures combine stories, wise teachings from the scriptures and philosophers, and children’s utterances. According to Mirik Snir, love of the written word, however important as it may seem, is not an end in itself but the glorious route to loving all of humanity. Mirik Snir focuses her time on writing for young children, from infancy to literacy and believes with all her heart that language builds a relationship whose crowning point is love. The opposite of a relationship through language is silence – uncommunicativeness from which stems violence. Deficient and poor communication in childhood is liable to take a violent expression later on where as a rich language with a trust-building childhood strengthens love in the world.

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